Top 3 Reasons Why Babies Need Swim Lessons

If you learn how to swim when you’re older, it’s usually not that easy to do. With children and babies, it’s easier than you think. That’s because babies are naturals in the water. They make excellent swim students. And, they have the cutest baby swimwear. When you start your children with swim lessons in Phoenix[…] Read More

The Top 3 Water Skills Every Child Should Master

For children, learning to swim can be a really big deal. After all, you are taking kids out of their natural gravitational environment and placing them in water where everything is different. Some kids take to it immediately, others are fearful for a while until they become used to being in this new arena. Parents[…] Read More

Tips to Make It Easier To Learn to Swim

If you have been thinking about enrolling your children in swim classes in Peoria, now that summer is here, this is the perfect time. Most likely, they already love the water and would benefit from some lessons to get them on their way to swimming success. Children as young as 8 weeks of age can[…] Read More