How To Prepare for Your First Swim Class

You’ve finally done it. Signed your child up for swimming lessons. After all, it does seem to be a right of passage with many kids while growing up; and it will provide them with valuable skills to last a lifetime. If they are totally new to swimming or even if they have a lesson or[…] Read More

Posted in Swim Tips on November 23rd, 2015.

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How To Nurture Your Baby’s Love Of Water

Babies seem to love water. They seem to be naturally drawn to it. Infant bath times, if done right, will give your little one a warm, soothing water experience. As they grow babies love to play and splash in the water. Here are some tips on how to really nurture your baby’s love of water.[…] Read More

Posted in Swim Tips on November 16th, 2015.

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How Swimming Encourages Independence in Your Kids

You only want what’s best for your children. Did you know it’s also very important to teach them independence? Little ones are naturally curious, as you have experienced when they climb all over furniture and trees with absolutely no fear of anything going wrong. You can help your children learn water safety rules by enrolling[…] Read More

How Swimming Can Keep Your Kids Well This Winter

Doesn’t it always seem that the minute your children go back to school they come home with more than homework? To be exact, sneezes, sniffles, fevers, upset stomachs, and flu? Even if your children are immunized they are still in danger of picking up all the little germs that infiltrate every classroom and activity. Sometimes,[…] Read More