Swimming Myths: Busted

You’ve heard stories from other people about swimming classes for kids, adolescents, and adults. For every person who has something good to say, there’s someone else who will contradict this. How do you know what to believe when it comes to swimming classes for kids? Here are a few myths that no longer apply when[…] Read More

Swim Class Checklist — What Your Toddler Needs

Children learn so many things in their early years. Just think about it, first they’re crawling, then walking, and soon after they are talking and running. Before you know it they might be on to pre-school and taking part in many toddler learning games. Every day, it seems, there’s something new to learn. When you[…] Read More

How Swimming With Your Toddler Can Benefit Both Of You

Learning to swim can play a huge role in your child’s development. There are numerous benefits to why children should take swim lessons. A good swimming school will always emphasize the importance of parents swimming with their little ones. So, why should you swim with your toddler? Here’s why: 1.Swimming is a Confidence Builder. Even[…] Read More

Common Sunscreen Mistakes

Believe it not, there are some common sunscreen mistakes that just about everyone makes. Keeping your skin looking smooth and soft should be a year-round task. Here are some common sunscreen myths and mistakes. •A higher SPF means you can stay all day in the sun. Higher SPFs such as 75, 80, or higher, can[…] Read More

Can Newborn Babies Really Swim?

You may be surprised to hear about newborn babies or little ones under six months of age taking swimming lessons. Can babies really swim, you wonder? You’ve seen pictures and perhaps videos of babies underwater and you may be curious about it. Newborns can begin learning movement and safety in the water from two months[…] Read More