Love On The Pool Deck & In The Water at the Hubbard Swim Schools

When Kathy and Bob Hubbard opened their first swim school location in Phoenix back in 1998, the enthusiastic, 20-something swimming instructors they hired began teaching toddlers and children how to swim. Over time, children from all over the Valley have learned how to swim and remain safe around water, and many of the young swimmers[…] Read More

Winter Activities- Swimming

When you think of winter, do you think of swimming? Probably not. But, you should, because swimming is an activity that can be enjoyed all year through. In fact, if you’ve never thought about having your little ones sign up for swim lessons in Phoenix in the colder months, it’s one of the best activities[…] Read More

3 Reasons Swimming is the Best

As your kids start to grow, you know there will be activities they will come to love. There are so many sports and other athletics out here, how do you know which ones will be the ones they will stick with? Talk to parents of children who take swim lessons. They will tell you there’s[…] Read More

Children’s Activities for the Pool

Swimming lessons don’t always have to focus on learning new swimming strokes or breathing techniques. There are endless games that kids can play in the water that help build strength and endurance in the water that are also lots of fun. Children’s activities, with and without pool toys, help younger swimmers to learn how to[…] Read More

Beat Stress with Swimming

We live in a very busy society. Every day there are countless things that must be done, and many other things we would like to do but can’t seem to conjure up the energy or find the time. How do you get to each one, and how do you beat stress when your life seems[…] Read More