Toddlers: Ages 2-3 – Teaching Children to Swim

Did you know that swimming lessons are highly recommended for children ages 1-3? Kids are natural’s in the water, and learning to swim in Mesa can actually help prevent a drowning accident later in life. You may be an excellent swimmer and want your children to be also. You might want to teach your children[…] Read More

Disposable versus Reusable Waterproof Diapers?

It’s that time of year, again. Between barbecues, picnics, pool parties, and vacations, there’s plenty of time for you and your children to be enjoying the outdoors. A day at the beach can be something you’ve had your heart set on all year long. Now that it’s here, don’t let it be a bummer. If[…] Read More

Educational Benefits of Starting Swim Lessons at an Early Age

Sometimes people are quite surprised to learn a friend or a neighbor has a baby who is taking swim lessons. They wonder why anyone would do such a thing, especially since there’s no real swimming involved with children so young. Babies make excellent swimmers. While they may not be lapping the pool like older children,[…] Read More