5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active in the Winter

When the weather gets too chilly for outdoor swimming or activities, active kids, and generally all kids, still need to get their exercise. Active kids sleep better, focus more attentively in school, interact more effectively with others, and stay strong and healthy (in addition to helping parents remain sane). Here are 5 ideas for indoor[…] Read More

Swimming Skills Your Child Can Practice At Home

Did you know your little snappers and jellyfish can practice swimming skills at home? Even when there’s no pool, your goldfish and hammerheads can still put into practice what they learn during swim lessons. Sometimes learning your swim moves is better without the water in the way. When parents and children take time out now[…] Read More

Olympic Swimmers Who Started as Kids

This summer, there’s something special to be watching out for. In August of 2016, the city of Rio de Janeiro in the South American country of Brazil will be hosting the Summer Olympics. One of the most exciting events to witness will be the swimming competitions. These are great competitions for kids to watch. Even[…] Read More

Where to Get Swimming Lessons in Ohio

Are you interested in swim lessons for your children? Wondering where you should enroll them? There are different venues that teach swimming, and each of them is different. If you have questions about where to get swimming lessons in Ohio, here are some things to consider. The number one issue you should have at the[…] Read More

Learning to swim as a baby doesn’t guarantee you a shot at the Olympics but does give you a head start

When you become a parent, there are many questions you start having about every subject under the sun where your baby is concerned. Perhaps you’ve heard other parents talk about their babies’ swim class and it’s got you wondering: Is this something I should try? There are qualified infant swimming programs that will turn your[…] Read More