Dad’s Success

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article titled: The Secret of Dad’s Success (click here to read). The article uses a number of surveys, studies and examples to discuss distinct ways that men and women parent differently. I know there are many strong women out there who are going to argue with the various[…] Read More

Play, A Lost Art

Welcome to the New Year. Honestly have had a bit of writer’s block over the past few months, ok more than a few, months. I finally found the topic to get me writing again. PLAY or, rather, the lack of it in our children’s and our own lives! Our kids are living in very structured[…] Read More

Summer Swim Tips for Home

We work hard with the young swimmers AND THEIR PARENTS all year long at our swim school. Often at this time of year, we see the kids coming back into the pool with some bad habits. MMMM, we wonder, where did they learn that? SO in an effort to keep those swimming skills up when[…] Read More

The Value of Working With Your Hands

Kathy and I often chuckle about how we have learned to handle being identified as “swim lesson teachers”. When asked at a party or in a meeting by someone that we have never met before, they get a strange look on their face, that seems to say “ohhh you make a living and support your[…] Read More

From the Mouths of Babes

Here at the swim school we have advocated for years that swim lessons are a major layer of protection in preventing drowning. We work very hard to teach a child that there will be a consequence for stepping off the edge of the pool. They will go under water! Now I personally have two, yes[…] Read More