6 Tips to Prep Your Child for Swim Lessons at Home

Not all children are little mer-people ready to jump right in and eager to begin to learn to swim. Swimming is crucial skill for anyone, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a fearful event for your child (or you as the parent). Perhaps your child has a fear of swimming and a general lack of water comfort; these 6 tips will help your child get excited and ready for the next step.

Ways to Become a Better Swimmer

Everyone likes to think they’re good at something. This goes for sports, activities, languages, hobbies or anything else. There are ways to become good at everything you do, if you work at it. So, how do you or your children get to be better swimmers? Perhaps, you may feel that they’ve been working at it[…] Read More

Love On The Pool Deck & In The Water at the Hubbard Swim Schools

When Kathy and Bob Hubbard opened their first swim school location in Phoenix back in 1998, the enthusiastic, 20 plus swimming instructors they hired began teaching toddlers and children how to swim. Over time, children from all over the Valley learned how to swim and remain safe around water, and many of the young swimmers[…] Read More